Under compressible combustion we understand essentially two classes of reacting flows:

  • High-speed flows, with strong variations in background pressure
  • Very high pressure flows, where non-ideal gas dynamic effects are relevant (for example in trans- and supercritical conditions)

In both cases conventional modelling approximations are not satisfactory and the development of more accurate yet affordable closures for complex and technologically relevant configurations are required. The need for research is still extremely high, especially in connection with future propulsion and power generation concepts and the specific activities regarding reacting flows under highly non-ideal conditions are receiving nowadays renewed attention.

The First International Workshop on Compressible Combustion, organised by Jackie Chen (Sandia National Laboratories, USA) and Francesca di Mare (Ruhr University Bochum, Germany) is envisioned as the first of a series of international meetings aimed at:

  1. Reach a common understanding and systematise the definition of “compressible combustion”
  2. Establish a dedicated international network for scientific and technological exchange
  3. Establish common validation platforms (virtual experiments) and to support and promote an intensive exchange also with industry experts.

A Permanent Advisory Board will support us in shaping this forum.